AFRA Blox is a set of tools and services for Microsoft Access developers.

We have been using Microsoft Access for developing quite large and complex applications during last 20 years. Many application have lasted more than 10 years. Many applications have grown guite large (3000+ objects (tables, queries, forms, reports, modules)).

After maturing the solutions, it’s now time to share our experience to others.

Pick the topic, ask more info. We can provide block with source code and integration to Your solution.


Application Basic Blocks

AFRA Common Procedures Library
  • AFRA Common logging 
  • Settings
  • DataAccess 
  • Strings handling
  • Files handling

Common modules have simplified version for VB6 applications

AFRA Basic UI Blocks
  • UI Messages – Notice
  • Progressmeter
  • Parameter forms framework
  • Zoombox with additonal tool. Search/Replace, Translate

Application Blocks for advanced users

Filling Word templates from Access

Simplified import from Excel
Export to Excel
Export to Word tables

Tracking data exports

AFRA UI Engine

Main idea is to use database model in database as a part of application.
Common UI components for building custom Access applications.
Main menu with user groups access control
Common UI messages: Notice, Small text editor , Options dialog
Reports manager and setting framework
AFRA DataForms support
Universal records choice/search component

Support for SQL server data lists caching 
Setting manager
Users and users groups manager
Linked databases setup tool

Multicontextual business logic procedures framework

Programming style for business logic that enable multicontextual use of procedures. 
Keep business logic in one place. Use in multiple places

Deployment tools

AFRA References AutoCorrect module – Microsoft Access library references auto correct on startup. Solution to the problem, if your Application uses Word or Excel, but different users have different version of Office.
AFRA SmartStart – Distribute and launch the Access application. Deliver updates conveniently.

Application Management Tools

AFRA Linked Databases Manager – Manage linked databases auto detect all linked tables and databases
detect list of tables in external database
set prefixes and/or suffixes for linked table names
copy database structure from one database to other (Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle)
compare tables records of two similar databases
copy data from one database to other

Application pictures manager – Tool for saving the application pictures in to the local table and procedure for using the pictures

Common Application Setting management – Common repository for all setting with metainfo.

Application Classifiers

Other developer tools

AFRA Form Resizer – Set rules for form controls resize. (Works from Access version 97)
AFRA Translation Manager – Add multilanguge support to your application – Enables scanning all texts from table, forms and vba code. Tools for translating texts and writing them back.
AFRA database structure documenter
Graph with database relationships
Report about structure of tables
AFRA System Object Manager – Tool for detecteing application objects and procedures relationships
Analyse existing databases – Scans all tables, queries, forms, reports and vba procedures to repository
View system object dependencies
Identify independent groups
Export selected system object to other Access file or to text file
Testing multiple object for opening speed and errors.
Visualize system objects dependencies (Graph)
Tools for standardizing the names of System Objects
Set new names to System Objects in repository – do actual renaming in batch 

Procedures Manager – repository of all procedures and their dependencies
Code generation, formatting and documenting tools 
Put your Access database work as REST server
Tools for merging Access program changes

AFRA Multiple Find and Replace – enables searching multiple texts from selected System Objects

Support for SQL Server

Generate DLL for creating tables on SQL server
Convert queries to passthrough queries in batch if possible
VBA procedures for working with databases where primary key is GUID
Settings in SQL server
AFRA Dataforms comboboxes caching support
Script command repository for multiple platforms

Tools for creating Help content 

– Possible inputs Word document, rst file
– Possible outputs Html web page, Html help, Sphinx help

Naming rules for procedures and system objects (Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Modules) – There is about 50 pages document currently only in Estonian language about it.

Developed applications or prototypes

CRM for Insurance brokers
Tasks management – Tasks hierahies with multiple parents, priorities and due date calculation
Pictures Management – Categorise, rate and sort your pictures. Organize them later to albums
Files Management – Keep track where you files are located
Machine maintenance tracking

Because most of listed functionality is not a final product, I offer also services to integrate those to Your solutions.

If some topic is interesting to You, do not hesitate ask more by mail avo.tohver@infopank.net or call +3725114989

We offer also training about techniques for building maintainable applications.

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